MXC :: Design


eMe-Ce, Mexican Contemporary design brand that rises responding to the several users’ specific needs existing in today’s market, always keeping in mind the social and environmental impact they may have.

The main goal is to consciously design objects considering the context in which they’ll be introduced while adapting them to our constant changing environment and the global and multicultural trends.


The creator

By growing up in Mexico, Montserrat Córdova perceives a world full of color, contrast, culture and natural resources and seeks to convey it through her designs.

After realizing her eagerness to materialize her ideas and perceptions of the world into objects, she decided to study her Bachelor’s Degree in Product and Furniture Design in CENTRO, one of the best design schools in Mexico. During her studies, she was able to participate in several workshops, such as Wanted Design in NYC (2013) and Design for Social Improvement working along the American brand 3M (2013).  Among other accomplishments, is the selection of the piece “Azteca” for De Cuadros a Cubos exhibition, which took place in the Mexican Gallery of Design (2013); and the study of an Interior Design Diploma Course in CENTRO (2015). 

With experience in product, furniture and point of purchase design, her main skills are her sensibility, conceptualization, care for details, good interaction with teammates and clients, sketching, process exploration and material utilization, technical knowledge for 3D modelling and rendering. Among other interests are photography, travel, music and wellness.

Montse’s always been recognized for her appreciation of Mexican culture and, as a designer, she likes to show it through details. Her main target is focused on the search for new challenges which will make her grow professionally and keep exploring her interest in social improvement.